Salutatorian Speech

The Speech that ended it all

Before I begin, I was wondering if I could have my diploma now. . .
I'm just kidding, of course.

Graduation is a time for celebration, and since many of you probably have parties planned afterwards, and since no one likes long, dull speeches, I promise to keep my speech short.

These past four years have been full of ends: The ends of quarters, the ends of semesters, the ends of sports seasons, the end of school years. But until now, nothing was really final. There was always another semester or another school year after an all-too-brief summer.

Now it's different. Today's graduation ceremony marks the conclusion of our career as students of Thomas More High School.

And so, on behalf of the TM Class of 1996, it is my pleasure and honor as salutatorian to welcome everyone -- parents, teachers, friends, Craig -- to our graduation ceremony today. Enjoy, everyone, and thank you.

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